Original and Revised Editions
Sources; Books, Films, Archives and more

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Other Sources

Langham, Rob. Is the reluctance of aircraft manufacturers to implement changes in their designs a major cause of airliner accidents? A discussion. Aviation Honours Project, London Metropolitan University.




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Twentieth Century fox; 1955.


Newspaper and Magazine Sources


The Times (London)


The Daily Telegraph


Daily Mirror


Urmston Western Telegraph


Stretford Borough News


The Chronicle (Oldham)


Manchester Guardian


Lancaster Observer and Morecambe




(Lancaster, Lancashire, England)


Lancaster Guardian and General Adv. Of North Counties (Lancaster, Lancashire, England)


All of the following Danish or German Newspapers were used from August 15, 1939 (evening editions) until August 18, 1939. As the World began to face World War II the G-AESY became old news fast.


Praesto Avis


Fredericksborg Amts Avis






Vordingborg Dagblad; Folkeblad for




Berlinske Tidende


Lollands Falster Folketidende


Nordsjellands Vensteblad Social-Demokraten


Braunschweiger Tageblatt Braunschweiger Anzeiger


Storstomsbroen 50 Ar (Special edition commemorating 50 years of the Bridge with a two page story on August 15, 1939 including four photographs).


Flyvehistorisk Tidsskrift (Dansk Flyvehistorisk Forening) 1-88 Februar.


Pages 17-21 and 23


The New York Times




National Geographic


Planes and Pilot

Flight Magazine


Flight Magazine (Flight Global Archives)


April 8, 1937, page 348, “Wrightways Go Ahead.”


December 9, 1937, page 584, “Accident




April 27, 1939, page 439, “Intava LTD.”


June 15, 1939, page 616, “Airline Fleet Maintenance.”


August 24, 1939, page 186, “Another British Airways Loss.”


June 23, 1949, page 745, “Operating Factors and Design.”


June 6, 1952, page 679, “Advice from Experience.”


March 25, 1955, page 383, “Maintenance of Helicopters.”


May 13, 1960, page 657, “Plant Eepresentative.”


Search Engines


Yahoo UK and Ireland


Yahoo Deutschland Yahoo Danmark


Other Internet Sources


Please note that to access some of the sites included one must fi rst go to a search engine for the specifi c country where the site is found.



Keeping tabs on the UK’s parliaments & assemblies.


www.hansard.millbanksystems.com UK Parliament.




This photographic collection is where I found photos of the G-AESY from around 1939, ready to leave, we believe, from Croydon Airport.



Aviation safety Network; detailed information on the G-AESY.


There are several videos of interest and still photos can be purchased. The stills can also be published; the author was informed on April 5, 2011 by Critical Past at (800)249-4430 or (302)742-4153. This book used specifi cally the video clips numbered 65675035704, 65675035705, 65675035706 and 65675035711 Neville Chamberlain walks past the G-AESY on his way to Munich.


Note by Liddell Hart on discussions with Anthony Crossley, MP, about the production of antiaircraft guns.


Biographies of all political fi gures mentioned.


Isracast is a multimedia broadcast and distribution network through which I searched for Avraham Stern and the Irgun Zwei Leuimi.


This is the site where the memorandum for the Attorney General Relative to a request for Grand Jury Authorization to Investigate the International Oil cartel, June 24, 1952 is found. (Intava) www.parliament.uk

en.wikipedia.org da.wikipedia.org de.wikipedia.org

English, Danish and German Wikipedia. All groups, places, and individuals mentioned in the book were researched on this site. www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk

All historical British personalities and events mentioned in the book were researched on this site.


I searched for airplane engineers, Lockheed Electra, and Intava on this site.


I searched for the Irgun or Zwei Leumi as well as the Stern Gang and the Munich Pact on this site.


I searched for all individuals from the G-AESY and those who investigated it on this site.


Key Publishing is Europe’s leading aviation publisher, according to their website.


National Archives UK. Although I visited them on several occasions, some of the fi les used for the book were purchased from them online.


I searched for information on Rockefeller and Standard Oil on this site.

www.chelationtherapyonline.com Standard Oil and Mexico. reformed-theology.org/html/books/wall_street/ Chapter_04.htm

Chapter 4, Standard Oil Fuels WWII.

AirAccUK.htm (local)

History of Air Accidents Investigation Branch, UK.


I studied every angle of the airplane. It is beautiful.

www.wonderful_denmark.com www.vikingdenmark.com


The National Archives UK

Kew, Surrey TW9 4DU, UK www.nationalarchives.gov.uk

British Airways Heritage Center

Heathrow Airport

Hounslow, Middlesex

Greater London TW6 2JA, UK www.bamuseum.com


The Danish National Archives

Rigsdagsgaarden 9 DK-1218 Copenhagen, DK www.sa.dk

The box fi le I was allowed to work with at the police station in Nykobing/Falster is an archive that needs to be requested through the Danish police.